A Children's book with Dom Joly.

Insure my Pocket

A complete company re-brand.

A book with Dom Joly

Lemon-Jelly are proud to announce that we're working with Dom Joly on his first children's book.

Point to illustrate?
Illustrate your point!

Stand out from the crowd.

Tris Rossin

A headful of monkeys, lemon.... and jelly!

Richard E Grant Portrait

“Tris' to-the-freckle accurate painting will be
my Dorian Grey portrait, whilst I get old,
grey and grizzly in the attic”

Richard E Grant

Lemon Jelly

State of the art vector Illustration.
Make yourself memorable.
Illustrate your point!

High definition vectors

Illustrations you can literally print
on the side of a bus!


Welcome to Lemon Jelly.

A  design company specialising in the intelligent use of illustration to bring your branding and message to the next level.

Lemon Jelly brings together 20 years of experience in the design and illustration industry. Our aim is to help our clients with that knowledge, giving them a unique brand experience. In a world full of stock imagery and similar looking designs and brands, isn’t it time to stand out from the crowd?

Illustrations you can almost reach out and touch!

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Knock Out Branding

Bespoke illustrative branding is a unique way to make sure you stay memorable among a sea of other businesses

Award Winning*

We don’t just think we’re good at what we do, others do too! * A singular creation monthly showdown winner

A Diverse Range

It’s not just lemon and jelly. We have a hugely diverse range of styles and skills to cover all project types

It’s All About You!

The quality of our work is only matched by the quality of our relationships with our clients. We value you!


A book with Dom Joly!

Lemon Jelly is proud to
announce we’re
illustrating Dom Joly’s
first children’s book.


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"a truly integrated design company with a grasp of web design, UI, social networks and traditional marketing. For Tute this has meant striking, compelling and effective Marcomms at all touch points with our users, and consistent delivery of our brand."

− Sean Gardner, CEO Tute Education Ltd

"'It's very hard to judge a portrait like this when it's of you. I was amazed by the detail and subtlety, Tris obviously put a lot of work into it. I think it's great but then I'm a shallow, narcissistic performer so no surprise there. However it is the reaction of others that gives support to the quality.
'It looks like you, only better.' That was my wife.
'Nice one old man, you don't deserve it.' My son.
'It's obvious you didn't do it, whoever did that is actually talented.' My daughter.
You can probably tell I live in a very loving family."

− Robert Llewellyn, Actor, Presenter

"Tris's to-the-freckle accurate painting will be my Dorian Grey portrait, whilst I get old, grey and grizzly in the attic"

− Richard E Grant, Actor

"Brilliant? Is that a strong enough word?"

− Nathan Fillion, Actor

"Ok, so I have to hand it to Tris, he succeeded where friends and colleagues failed and got me to change the mugshot profile pic"

− Niel Mann, Multimedia Innovations Editor at The Wall Street Journal

"Amazing! How is this done?"

− Levar Burton, Actor, Director